The first post has landed



This is my first obligatory post, in which I would like to shortly explain why I started this site. I will try to summarize it in three simple points:

A help for fellow developers

During my career as a software developer I've encountered several problems that were really difficult. Most of the time it required skills and effort to find the best solution. That's when I've decided that it would be great to give something back to the community and post this solution in a understandable way.

Therefore, I will try to explain and solve some problems that were done by me (or I found them online and adjusted for my situation - with a link to the original post).

Writing is a way of learning

Explaining stuff on the Internet means that you have to know exactly what you are writing. Because Internet is ruthless and it does not show mercy when it comes to pointing out someone's mistakes. That is why posts have to be understandable and clear. Thus, you have to learn a lot of stuff before you put something online.


It is a good history of what I've been struggling with. I hope that I'll have the time to write not only about my PrimeFaces fights but also about technology in general.


So, I hope that some lost soul will find my posts and they will help her.